30 October 2010

Weekend Free-For-All: There Goes My Hero Edition

Stephen Fry!

Shit, man! I loved you! I named you as the one living person I'd like an interview with! You were awesome! You were an advocate for mental health awareness! You host QI, and are consistently awesome about it! I never thought you were perfect, but I respected you and was impressed with your shit.

And then you drag out this goddamned tired cliche? Fuck, man. That's low. That's crap. That's a) deliberately ignoring a slew of cultural factors, b) speaking with authority on something about which you have gathered only anecdotal evidence and data, c) propagating stereotypes (which, by the way, I thought you were generally against), d) going for a cheap laugh instead of trying to challenge prevailing cultural attitudes, and e) coming across like a shmucky douche.

Go sit in the corner and think about what you've done. You know I love you, but that doesn't mean you get to just be a dick. I expected better.

Fry says he was misquoted and misconstrued. He is not, however, apologizing in a particularly mature way. Maybe you and I just need some time apart to sort through our feelings, Stephen.


  1. Yeah, that's..... that's pretty shitty.

  2. Oh, Stephen. Honey, no. No. Just...no.

    I like Susie Orbach's comment, on what this means about Fry's probable view of male sexuality.

    This links in to a book I'm reading right now....hmmmmm.......a post, she is a-brewing.

  3. I'm skeptical of anyone who uses the "I'm taking my ball and going home" response to internet drama.

  4. Right? I am more than on board with his frustration, but I don't think his response will have the effect he wants. And he seems to do that a lot.