28 October 2010

first you stop trick-or-treating, and then...

I had these great plans for Halloween this year. It essentially was: tag along with my friends and high-tail it down to Seattle to party. And by "it essentially was" I mean "that's what I was going to do."

Then some stuff happened. Stuff like getting sick and remaining slightly under the black raincloud of that illness for the past week. Not quite sick, I was constantly vaguely tired. Like having a nap was a permanent fixture on my "what to do right now" menu. This could also be related to my not getting 8 hours of sleep in one go at all this week. I made do with a few 6 hour stretches and a 4 hour "shoot me in the head" cat-nap before a 6:45am shift.

I have two things I need to get done for work (due last Saturday and this Tuesday), and I have a demanding shift on Monday night that will have me up and running around until 1am.

So, I did the "Grown up thing" - I decided to not go party and instead stay in town so I could sleep and get some shit done over the weekend. My boss approved of this plan - but then again she has a bias toward me being functional at work. My lover, who was one of the ones I was tagging along with, said it would be good to rest up.

And possibly the scariest? I approved of this plan.

I will miss the party. And I'm... ok with that? I am. A friend of mine recently posted a facebook status where she ended with the statement "I think being a grownup means not being scared that something amazing is going to happen without you if you go to bed early."

I would add that being a grownup is knowing that something awesome is going to happen and then realizing that some boring stuff is going to be a way better choice anyway.

No longer is getting woo-hoo drunk and staying up till who-the-hell-cares the end-all be-all. I mean, it's high up there on the list of important things, because I never really got to do that in university, so I'm making up for it now and that's important to me - but... SLEEP MAN! Holy shit, I need some sleep. And my body will just kill me if I get drunk. And the stress of going away for the weekend is SO not worth the stress of knowing how messy my apartment is and not knowing when it will get clean. And the stress of work and worrying about if I can function would dampen my buzz anyway.

It's weird to finally be on that adult side looking back and going "yeah, doing stupid stuff is actually just a bad idea" when my young ideals from the past still want it to be worth it. But it's not. It's just a bad idea.

I may still party on Halloween (or the Saturday of) but I will refrain from getting drunk and probably from alcohol altogether. I am not really looking forward to the holiday it self, but I am wickedly delighted that I don't have to set a wake-up alarm for two days in a row.

But I guess I shouldn't worry too much - it's 1:21am and I'm on the internet so I'm not a "real" adult yet.

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