04 November 2010

Seriously. What? The. HELL!?

It's been a strange week, y'all. I started writing a comment to Arcadian's post on the having of standards, but found it growing by leaps and bounds into a post of its own. Then the burgeoning post stretched out tendrils to grasp so many other works that I was afraid I'd turn into Cooks Source magazine if I kept at it, so I moved it to the back burner (heh) until I could sort out which ingredients were fresh, organic ones from my own brain, and which I'd stuffed under my coat and smuggled out of the marketplace of ideas.

Meanwhile, something is rotten in the state of libraries. Communications with co-workers and with the public have been confusing to the point of chaos all week long. In fact, most workdays, I feel kind of like Hugh Laurie's character must in this:

So, erm, basically, I've not yet sorted out those thoughts of mine on feminism, on teachable moments, on noticing injustice, and on whether commenting on said injustice every damn time it comes up makes you a big damn bore or a big damn hero. More later.

P.S. Stephen Fry, I'm still kind of angry and disappointed with you, but you do know how to bring the funny. I will give you that.

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