04 November 2010


Let's indoctrinate the young, I say.  A Tea Party candidate, who couldn't manage to scrape up enough support to be the Republican candidate in a Washington state district has written a picture book about the evils of the Obama administration.

Look, don't get me wrong. I really do think that indoctrinating the young is one of the great joys of humanity and very close to the top of my imaginary list of parenthood pros, should I ever make such a list trying to decide about procreation. What gets me about this book is that it's not trying to be subtle. This is a book for adults. I can just picture a six-year-old being completely baffled by the whole thing. The Christmastution? Lots of things in kids books don't make sense to actual kids but few actively try to make it difficult for the parents to explain what they're talking about.

Via Slog.

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