21 October 2010

Thoughts. I have them.

But depression, I also have. (Private to the sad little worm in the brain: Hello, old frenemy. It hasn't been a long time, and I haven't missed you a bit. Please fuck off as soon as possible.)
My point is that today, organizing my thoughts into anything resembling coherence, let alone paragraphs worth reading, seems like a task on par with...coming up with an original simile for a very difficult task. I really want to go back to bed. Instead, I'm going to go do a yoga marathon and see what happens next in my head, my body, and my heart. No promises.


  1. Feel better.

    As someone who also struggles with depression, I just want to give you a big hug and tell you that it's totally ok to not have a big post-y post, and taking care of yourself is top priority.

    also, internet hugs. lots of internet hugs. FEEL THE E-LOVE!

  2. Another sufferer wishing you well. I am too well familiar with what you're feeling. I hope the yoga marathon helps; please take care of yourself.
    Lots of internet hugs from me too.