22 October 2010

Autumn Rocks

So, it's been a bizarre couple of days, so I'm not going to do any kind of intellectual, discussion-provoking post. Instead, I'm going to cheer myself (and hopefully you all) up by trying to share my love for all things Sep-Nov in 6 succinct (maybe not) points.

1) The colours! I know, I know: summer is all green grass and blue sky (if you live in California...) with ice cream and beaches and awesome sea water to swim in. But autumn is gold, green, brown, orange and gold in nature. In fashion, it's deeper, more intense colours: jewelled purples, blues, greens and reds. In an even more shallow point, I feel my hair (currently red) goes well with everything AND I can wear my awesome hat that Libby made me. Amazing.

2)Hot chocolate. Lots of it. I can drink it all the time and not feel bad because you're allowed to have extra flesh on you over the colder months; it's expected, almost!

3) SOUP SOUP SOUP. Different flavours, different textures, different varieties. All warming, comforting and go especially well with crusty, wholemeal bread. You can eat in the park with gloves on and hats and be warmed. I suppose you could say the same with tea, but I am not a tea fan so I'm not going to. (Yes, I know: what kinda English girl am I? A failing one, I tell you)

4)Bonfire Night. I'm not sure how much anyone else would know about this, or indeed, appreciate this: we are an odd nation celebrating someone attempting to blow up the Houses of Parliament, destroying the monarchy. Damn Catholics. (no offense intended) But there is something special in everyone, for once, celebrating their national heritage by crowding round bonfires, watching fireworks and playing with sparklers whilst eating jacket potatoes in foil, and sausages and generally food that isn't good for you.

5)Halloween! I LOVE it, from the costumes and festivities of celebrating evil (lol, bad Christian) to its pagan roots; it's historical in so many ways. And also, begging at your neighbours' doors for sweets is acceptable for this night? There are not enough words to describe how amazing that is. (And 'It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown'! I wish the Peanuts phenomenon was bigger here)

6) ...I can't think of another one. In a selfish way, I feel safer in the autumn and less exposed. I have a variety of issues with summer and self image etc etc; it's less exposure, less crazy, less pressure etc. It being darker at night, I can watch Poirot and Miss Marple (murder mysteries FTW!) and ~feel~ the atmosphere. TV programmes are generally better, and my life is happier. Other people, I know, find it harder in the winter and autumn, but hopefully some of these are relevant to your lives!

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