26 November 2010

Warning: triggering for sexual assault survivors

Just when my faith in men creeps up a little bit, one moronic individual makes it crash down again.
According to this dude, consent takes away the fun of the 'chase'; American girls, in their uppity need to retain control of their own bodies, make sure men suffer for it, or something.
To be honest, what he says is confusing as it is: talking about French girls taking control and deciding to have sex with men...newsflash. THAT'S STILL CONSENT.
But why worry about female rights? MEN'S SEXUAL URGES NEED TO BE MET. >:(

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  1. Jezebel's got a response up, based on the number of complaints that post has been getting. It is kind of an interesting read: http://jezebel.com/5700664/from-the-editor-paris-consent-and-shitstorms