29 November 2010

Hello again, goodbye

Just a quick Hello and a quick goodbye:

Hello: I am sorry I missed my Wednesday post.
When I woke up Wednesday I had no hot water, and my heat was still not on in my apartment, when I got home that night, my building had no power. I decided to high-tail it to a friend's place, seeing as I had to car-trip to Seattle with them the next morning anyway, (American Thanksgiving!) I don't do internet when I'm with company, so I did not update on Wednesday.

Since I've been back from American thanksgiving (which was very nice) I've been wallowing in the sand-pits of depression, and haven't been up for much think-y posts, as my thoughts don't go beyond "boy, I wonder when I will be out of these sand-pits" and "how in the world am I going to get enough energy to get up this morning?"

So that's where I am right now.

and now the goodbye:

Leslie Nielsen died today. I guess it was peacefully in his sleep after battling a pneumonia - something like that, I read the article but obviously retained no information. if you're really curious just google it, I'm sure you'll figure it out.

But it gave me a good excuse to post: here's a Leslie Nielsen clip, it's a really great line.

I'd like to write a nice line about how this humor should be a way to sustain me during my time of need, or something to link the video to my current state of mind - and in general I'm very much a fan of humor as a good medicine, and I enjoy funny in most forms.... but I'm really just tired. I wanted to let you all know how I was doing, and I felt like I couldn't post a "don't worry, i ain't dead" post without some sort of theme or package feel.

ok, enough with my verbose-ness, I hope everyone had a good weekend and/or lovely American Thanksgiving

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