14 November 2010

Stephen Fry Gives Me What I Want!

Sort of.

Thanks for the tip, Word.


  1. OR

    Two days after uprising shit-storm of "Stephen Fry thinks Women hate sex"

    "Hey guys, just a quick note: I understand that I've been a bit mis-quoted or at least a bit misunderstood about a quote: I know ladies like sex, and I was having a random conversation about gay male sexuality. I'd get more into details, but I'm a bit of a private person, also I have to run and do PROMO FOR PROJECT HERE. Anyways, yes, Sorry to be misconstrued, I do get that women's sexuality is a subject people have strong feelings about, and I apologize if any offense was taken. Again, not what I was talking about. Anyways, I'll probably do a longer post about it when I have more time, I am quite busy with PROMO HERE"

    There, Stephen, I fixed it for you. Now get off your WOE IS FUCKING ME pedestal and go... I don't know, be famous by yourself all alone in a dark room, seeing as you can't STAND to be around PEOPLE who do INTERVIEWS in godforsaken PRINT. OH NOES!

    Sorry, I'm just getting a little tired of his high and mighty acts of "oh noes, I'm famous, how DARE the media machine that I'm entirely aware of talk about me like they talk about everyone else."

    Seriously, Stephen, You could've made this a shit-ton easier on yourself, if that's what you actually wanted.

  2. Right? He gets half credit for a) acknowledging that what he said sounds douchey, and b) explaining what he really meant. He missed the part where I asked for an APOLOGY and to STOP WHINING.

    But at least I don't have to hate everything he's involved with anymore.