08 October 2010

Introducing: Mrs Random Cheese

You can have lunch with three fictional characters - one from a book, one from a film or play, and one from a TV series. You can eat with them separately or together. Which will they be? Would you introduce them to one another, or to anyone you know? Why?
Beautiful question, my friend. If incredibly difficult.
I will say that my play character would be Barbara from Head Rot Holiday. Emotionally draining and soul-wrenching that the other characters are, Barbara is such a psychologically damaged woman that she should be in the hospital as a patient, not running it. So she would be fun(!)-or interesting to question and chat with. This has nothing to do with the fact that I played her, nopeddy nope. No...
Then I would question Bellatrix Lestrange. (Yes, another HP answer, I know) The woman is insane. (Clearly I like my characters a little bit warped.) Bearing in mind that I'm a muggle, so y'know, no love there, I'd love to ask why she has no conscience at all, and what she makes of Voldemort's heritage. Then I would send her to the Dementors (I'm sorry, I hate her, but it doesn't mean I can't question her)
Finally, I would lunch with Carla Espinosa, because I loves her! Not so deranged, but married to a man who is involved in an epic bromance (it must be like being Hermione), and also being a Latina nurse in a majority white hospital must be interesting. I might make a move on her while I'm there, cos she's hot. *shallow* Anyway, I know she's not a popular one, but I can't help but love her anyway.
I don't think I'd lunch them altogether! All incredibly different women with incredibly different backgrounds (and one who would happily commit genoicide against the rest of us and our ilk!) would clash, I think. Particularly that all three are incredibly strong female personalities; I just think there would be lots of shouting! :P

If you were given the option, what would you most enjoy never having to do again?
Job hunting! It is the most tedious, mind-numbing, SOUL DESTROYING thing, and if I could find a career that I loved in a place that I loved, I think I would just stay there forever. None of this CV and online application rubbish.

If you could have an exclusive interview with any two people (real, not fiction) - male or female - one currently living, and one dead who would they be? Why would you want to talk to them? What would you ask them?

I would love to talk to Richard III. I want to ask him how he feels about his reputation being particularly mangled by our chum Shakespeare; also I'm dying to know whether he was responsible for the murder of the Princes in the Tower. I just HAVE to know, OK? If I got the chance, I would definitely take the opportunity to find out for'reals. (and he would just tell me the truth, it's part of the deal) Then I'd probably give him a chance to clear his name if he could.
One living person: it has to be JK Rowling, no? I am in awe of this woman-how far she has come from where she was and her doing great things for ginger people everywhere. I also want to know whether Professor Wiseman is in fact Dumbledore. Again, it's something I just HAVE to know. And then we could bond over our mutual love for the classical age. And then she would invite me to her Scottish mansion and we would live happily ever after, the end.

You’re stuck in a room for a year and you can only have access to three movies. What movies do you pick?

Hardcore. I don't have particular favourites, apart from my old friend Disney. So I would probably save
The Little Mermaid (greatest film in the history of ever) because that film has just become a part of me, almost. I couldn't imagine not being able to watch it when I want to-the very idea of it makes me sadface :-(
The Muppets Christmas Carol: again, a massive part of my childhood. Also, the Muppets are love. It's important that I can watch something that will make me laugh-because I cannot cry for an entire year. It would destroy me. For me, you can't get any better than the Muppets.
The Life of Brian. Because he's not the messiah, he's a very naughty boy.


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    So have it in my comments section.
    "Mrs Random Cheese enjoys fine dining but not wining. She loves all things Potter-related and ginger-related (which means Ron Weasley is the best thing in the world). Shakespeare is her dead, dead soulmate.

  2. Yes, also because of crazy font. I tried to resize it and everything, I promise :(
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