14 October 2010

6 for 6

6 tips to remember when hitting on a lone girl who is waiting on the street corner at 6 in the morning:

1. The intro: approaching with an outstretched hand and an introduction is friendly, though a bit inappropriate for the time of day. It's just a bit too forward. perhaps start off with a gentle concern for lone girl's safety, or break the ice with an obvious-but-true statement "wow, doesn't it suck to be up this early" - whatever you do, don't douche it up by following the intro with "ha ha, you look so confused."

2. Conversation: keeping to general topics (time of day (6am!), what-brings-you-here, etc) is fine, but getting into personal details is, again, a bit inappropriate. This girl is waiting on the street corner, she's not in a bar, she's not necessarily looking for company/conversation/a date and she won't necessarily want to share information about herself.

3. Physicality: be mindful of personal space bubbles, and how they tend to be larger when it's an empty street corner at 6am in the morning. In other words - don't stand so close.

4. Interactions: take cues from the lone girl - if she seems unresponsive or is giving one word answers to your questions, perhaps this is a cue for you to do something else. like not talk to her, or pursue a different course of conversation, or maybe just be less obvious about the fact that you are trying to pick her up.

5. The goodbye: Don't ask for her number. Offer yours if need be, but if she refuses to give it to you and makes no move to get yours, odds are she will not call you even if you do manage to stop her while she's sitting in the cab waiting to leave. Keep context in mind. For instance, if she mentioned she was concerned about her cab getting there on time, making her shuffle about looking for a pen and paper because she feels uncomfortable outright rejecting you even though she JUST refused your number would be a rude thing to do.

6. Don't. It's 6am. I'm going to be late for my opening shift. I don't want to be hit on right now. I understand that random happenstance meetings, especially at odd locations or times are the things quirky indie romance movies are made of, but it's also the stuff of sexual harassment police reports. Your agenda is showing like woah, I'm tired and just want to get to work on time. So don't. Just. Don't.

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