15 February 2011

Link Round-Up

Too many links sitting on my computer in the sort of vague idea that I should share them. Well, here they are.

The bad (Trigger warnings on all):

Oh, House Republicans. You keep finding new ways to make me hate you. Listening to people is SO for sissy Democrats, right? Keep on keepin' on with your badass ignoring of your constituency.

I have a whole post I want to write about the conscience clause, and its nasty paternalistic nature. Meanwhile, check out Yes Means Yes.

In other news, South Dakota. I am, as always, impressed by what total assholes run your government.

The good:

Sociological Images has an extremely interesting post up about nudity and what it means for men and women.

Lindy West already rocked my world. Now she rocks it more.

1 comment:

  1. Y'know, it is getting to the point that the very words "House Resolution" make me wince. I have never even begun to understand how the original Hyde Amendment has been allowed to stand, the idea that they might get away with an even more asinine version is disturbing.

    While we are listing moronic HoR blunders, I hope you won't object to me adding one more to the list, even if it is a little off topic:
    House of Representatives wants to slash NIH funding.

    I can at least understand why idiotic old men with the maturity level of five-year-olds are against reproductive health (why we let them get away with that is a different story...); but between this, attempts to repeal the healthcare reform bill, and the above mentioned attack on the NIH, it is getting absurd. The House is waging a war on health and reason, and really needs to be smacked down.

    As for the South Dakota thing...it is my understanding that the state was already so hostile to abortion providers that there is not a single practitioner in all of SD. Maybe this level of crazy will actually force someone to sit up and take note of that.