13 January 2011

So, I've been away for a while. Apologies for this; getting settled into a new job kind of took the front of my mind, and everything else took the backseat.
Havign said that, thanks to Kenneth Tong, I am probably going to escape back. I don't even have the emotional energy to explain to those who don't know what has happened, so I suggest you Google 'Kenneth Tong managed anorexia'.
Maybe try thinking before you speak, because then women and men all over won't have to sit, crying, reorganising their triggered minds as they try to fight this very fatal disease. Fucking anorexia is not a suggestion for anything, ok? Please educate yourself.
That's all folks. I will maybe try and write another post on this, being much more articulate about the matter, especially as I have been AWOL recently. But for now, please (and I trust you guys anyway, but it has to be said): eating disorders affect peoples' lives. They can kill, or they can permantly scar you mentally. They are not a joke, nor should they ever be used as a super special social experiment. Bear these things in mind.


  1. OH MY GOD. He's like, Tool Central, with a side of Tool, dribbled with Privileged Asshole Sauce.

    Honey, I am sorry. Please let me know if I can give you any help.

  2. Wow. That is some seriously fucked-up thinking right there.

    It's hard to believe sometimes how desperate people can be for money and attention.