21 January 2011


So, weirdly, I'm going to come out to my fellow blog writers before anyone else: I think I might be bisexual. Which, you might argue, is no big deal. True, it's not. The problem is, bisexuality is often seen as being 'greedy' and not 'being able to make up your mind'. Equally, there is a certain invisibility within the GLBT movement. (It could be worse; trans people have barely any representation or level of recognition ever). So blah. This wasn't meant to be one of those personal posts; just long, hard days with no pay has left me feeling a bit tired, and my friend LJ is being a pain in the backside so I can't handily nab any articles from that there corner. So instead, my dears, this is going to become another rec post. If there are any suggestions that you may have with regards to books/films/music/tv shows that deal specifically with the issue of bisexuality, please 'holla at me' in the comments. It'd be interesting to watch/read/learn more from a perspective that is never considered in mainstream media (which is mostly heteronormative, but occasionally we get some good guy on guy action. Except, um...where's the lesbian love?)
I hope that you guys have a relaxing, fabulous weekend XD


  1. Hey, brave one.

    I hear that Look Both Ways by Jennifer Baumgardner is a decent starting resource. Also I have support, love and respect for you. Just so you know. :)

  2. The best I can think of is a bunch of side characters in other books.

    I am going to sic some of my librarian and bi friends on this to get you something better.

    You know, I hope, that I offer up any and all kinds of support, in any and all ways that I can. You are boss, and brave, and epic.

  3. Realized that this list might be of service:


    TV Tropes is fun to navigate through anyway, and there's a list of all the non-evil, non-crazy, bisexual characters they could come up with. By no means exhaustive, by no means guaranteed quality, by no means even main characters, but it's a place to start.